Sunday, April 16, 2017

Great Gatsby- Chapter 8

This chapter has a lot to do with the aftermath of the death of Wilson's wife and Daisy. After the accident and the big fight, it seems like Daisy is ignoring Gatsby. He must be very hopeful considering he leaves all the phones for that call and because when talks to Nick, he thinks that they are still going to get back together. Nick at this point seems to have a little more pity for him because he knows that won't be the case after what he saw the night before with Daisy and Tom. Nick also seems to be worried for Gatsby, because when Gatsby asks if he wants to stay and go in the pool and Nick says he has to go into the city, Nick seems to regret that choice. When he leaves, he gets a call from jordan and he doesn't really seem amused by her, i wonder if they are still dating? Nick mentions that her voice seems harsh and dry this time that they talked, I wonder if that had anything to do with the night before or because jordan is not saying more than she knows. The chapter then focuses on Wilson and his idea of this yellow car, he drives himself crazy and goes off to see who this car belongs to. His grief drives him crazy that he actually goes out of his way to kill Gatsby a guy that wasn't responsible for the accident.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Great Gatsby- Chapter 7

At the beginning of the chapter, when Nick goes over to Gatsby's house, he is welcomed by only one butler. Why does Gatsby get rid of his entire staff? Later Tom invites Gatsby over for dinner with Daisy, Jordan, and Nick. When Gatsby arrives and they are eating, Jordan tells Gatsby that Tom was on the phone with his mistress and Nick defends Tom and says that "It's bona-fide deal. I happen to know about it," on page 116. I wonder if he was only protecting Tom so Daisy wouldn't hurt as much as she already was. Then when Tom comes back into the room, Daisy tells him to go make them a drink and once he leaves, she gets up and kisses Gatsby and says she loves him. I wonder when she became so rebellious in the sense of doing something like that when Tom could come back into the room at any minute. They have small chat. Then a child comes into the room, I don't really remember Daisy or Tom mentioning they had a child, they sure don't act like they do. I wonder if that was how that era was, where adult would party all the time, but not act like they had kids. After dinner they go into town, from my understanding though, Nick, Tom, and Jordan all go in Gatsby's car which is a yellow car. Daisy and Gatsby go in Toms car which is a Blue car. As they go into town Tom stops to get gas in the Valley of Ashes, Wilson seems distraught and upset from what Nick explains saying it looks like he was guilty of something. Wilson mentions that he found out something and he needs to take the wife away. Mertil from above sees Tom and thinks that Jordan is his wife. When they are coming back, Gatsby and Daisy leave in the yellow car and Jordan, Nick, and Tom leave in his blue car. When Tom drives by the Alley of Ashes, he sees that Mertil is dead and it was from a car accident from a yellow car from what witnesses are saying. Nick tells Tom that he let Daisy drive the car to blow off some steam. It seems that Mertil was coming out and waving to the yellow car because she thought Tom was in it from earlier, but did Daisy purposely hit Mertil with the car?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Great Gatsby- Chapter 6

At the beginning of the chapter, there is a reporter that goes to Gatsby's house, was this after or during his meeting with Daisy? I wonder why Gatsby would change his name? Who is Dan Cody and what is his relevance to Gatsby? The book is starting to describe a little more about where Gatsby came from. So we was clam- digger or salmon- fisher, and he seems to be poor when on page 98, the author says talking about him being a clam digger or salmon fisher, " or in any capacity that brought food and bed." He also was a player, who messed around with "young virgins because they were ignorant" as said on page 98. So Cody is this guy that also bought his boat on the same deck that Gatsby would go to, and then they started talking and Cody just invited him in his life?? For five years Cody and Gatsby traveled the continent, that is pretty cool they must've became really good friends. I wonder how Cody died. He must've meant something to Gatsby for him to hang a picture of him. On page 100, the author says, "It was indirectly because of Cody that Gatsby drank so little." I wonder if that is how Cody died.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Great Gatsby - chapter 5

At the beginning, Nick is talking to Gatsby about the "tea date" or what ever they called it to basically it set up Gatsby and Daisy. Nick doesn't seem to mind, but he also doesn't care. I wonder why later than Gatsby told his butler to cut the grass, I think it was more to impress her, but that wouldn't make sense because Daisy doesn't even know Gatsby is going to be there. Gatsby also seems so nervous to finally see Daisy after all this time. I think it is funny when Nick is talking to Daisy and telling her not to bring tom and she says on page 85, "Are you in love with me or why do I have to come alone?" Gatsby seems so off when he meets Daisy, he must really like. I wonder what they talked about when Nick left? What do you say after so much time? When Nick returns I wonder what made Daisy cry and what made Gatsby personality change so much to be more confident? Gatsby's house is so huge, but when it comes to his room it is so simple besides his toilet and closet. I don't see the point in all that extra stuff if his apartment is so simple.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Great Gatsby

Chapter 4

Nick begins the chapter by explaining everyone who shows up to Gatsby's parties. He describes characteristics that almost every person has. As he explains them, it seems like they are really messed up. They are hypocrites for saying things about Gatsby and how crazy he is but then they have issues themselves. When Nick meets again with Gatsby, he says, "I had talked with him perhaps a dozen times in the past month and found, to my disappointment, that he had little to say: So my first impression, that he was some undefined consequence, had he gradually faded." I feel like that is not the initial reaction people get when they talk to him. After his talk with Jordan Baker, she was so surprised by the kind of person he was, in a good way. Why does Nick want to laugh after Gatsby explains a little more about his life and says that he was trying to forget something sad that happened to him? I think he finds it funny that someone with the kid of lifestyle he has would ever have anything bad happen to them. What is the matter about? It has to be really big if he wants Jordan to talk to Nick about it.

Great Gatsby

Chapter 2

What significance does the valley of ashes play in the book? Is that where tom's mistress lives? Will we see it again in the book? They describe it to be this awful place, with no hope, no happiness, why do people choose to live there? "They look out of no face, but, instead, from a pair of enormous yellow spectacles which pass over a nonexistence nose." Why does tom want nick to meet "his girl" so badly? I wonder how they both met and why they both want to be around so secretly? I just don't understand why Nick is still there? I would have tried to leave long ago, to avoid the awkwardness. "I have only been drunk twice in my life, and the second time that afternoon." I just don't understand why Nick didn't leave, he was uncomfortable. What does Mrs. Wilson mean when she said her husband took photographs?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Great Gatsby

Chapter 3

The scene starts of with a description of a party that Nick, Gatsby's neighbor was invited to. He explains the way the backyard of the Gatsby is. "Enough colored lights to make a Christmas tree of Gatsby's enormous garden." No one really from the parties are invited, people just come and go, but nick was personally invited. He was invited from someone that he doesn't even know. Nick mentioned that sometimes that guest leave the parties never meeting Gatsby. Does he ever show his face? Why does it seem like no one knows anything about him? How does he throw all these parties and invite all these people, if he is so mysterious? Nick seems to be uncomfortable with the whole party seen, until he sees Jordan baker. What is his relationship with Jordan? She makes him feel comfortable. When all the girls start talking about what rumors they've heard about the great Gatsby, Nick seems like he is questioning who his neighbor really is. They heard rumors about how he was a German spy in the war or that he once killed a man. Nick Finally met the Gatsby, and he was surprised, he was even more surprised by the fact that he seemed nothing like what the rumors said of him. I wonder if nick is worried about his planned date to hunt with him, what that will be like. I think everyone has been put in situations with people they have never met and it makes everything even more awkward.